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Touring caravan

Used caravan guide

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First Outing

Beginners guide

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Starter Caravans

Starter Caravans

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Insuring your Caravan

Caravan Insurance

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Buying a used caravan

This site started out as a resource for potential new caravanners looking to buy the first caravan. Most people start their caravanning ownership with a second hand or used caravan and buying on the used market can be a bit of a minefield. We briefed Andrew Jenkinson the well known and respected expert and writer on all matters caravan to produce a guide to buying a used touring caravan which we planned to use on another site. We thought that what Andrew produced was potentially so useful we decided to give it a site of its own. Now we are hoping that this site can grow with articles on a variety of caravanning matters and hopefully it will continue to be helpful to people taking their first steps in caravan ownership.

Caravan for Sale!

You won't find caravans for sale here but hopefully you will find information to help you in your search for a caravan. We want to encourage potential owners to make a better decision in buying a used caravan. We want you to buy a good one and if you don't to realise the risks and potential costs involved if you take on an older caravan that needs some work. If you suspect a caravan that you are thinking of buying may require repairs or servicing we strongly recommend that you get professional advice and costing's for that work before you commit to buying the caravan. It is often less expensive in the long run to buy a really good, well maintained caravan than one that has hidden problems.

There are many good value touring caravans out there if what you want to do is to find one with as few problems as possible this site might just help you find what you are looking for.

When you decide on your new caravan you can get a Caravan Insurance quote quickly and easily at the Caravanwise web site.